Opportunities exist to advertise, write and demonstrate your expertise through VRWorldTech.com and VRWorldTech Magazine

As the market intelligence platform dedicated to immersive technology for enterprise, VRWorldTech educates business leaders and professionals about the potential of XR, and champions the work of immersive technology developers, startups and incumbents so that they can acquire customers, secure funding and thrive in an increasingly competitive space.

Through News, The Reality Wire, Long Reads, (including Verdict and Meet) Pros+Cons and Demos, as well as the bimonthly print and digital publication, VRWorldTech Magazine, this platform is the perfect place to ​explore innovative virtual worlds and experiences, for whatever the enterprise application.

The power of VRWorldTech.com and VRWorldTech Magazine

VRWorldTech.com and VRWorldTech Magazine are dedicated to immersive technology for enterprise, attracting a readership that’s made up of professional users, business leaders and developers—those are your potential customers and partners.

VRWorldTech.com divides its coverage by use case and application—for example, visualisation and the automotive industry—quickly getting to the heart of how immersive technology is being used and where. Aligning your product or service with one of these areas will make it stand out among your competitors.

Each use case and application on VRWorldTech.com has its own, dedicated weekly email newsletter, so you can position your product or service in front of readers with specific interests.

Similarly, VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on a specific industry or sector every issue, so you know that subscribers have a keen interest in that area and may be interested in taking their interest further.

Why you should advertise with VRWorldTech

‣ Temporarily at least, events and in-person meetings are on hiatus. This means you need to find new ways of promoting your brand and putting your products and services in front of potential customers.

‣ Digital media and print magazines are an essential part of a marketing campaign, positioning your experts as thought leaders and delivering the press seal of approval on your products and services.

‣ Sharable content, online and in print, is necessary to cut through the noise and make you stand out. Don’t forget that backlinks are crucial to your online presence and it pays to be seen everywhere, as much as possible.

‣  Working with VRWorldTech will bring PR-level support to your business, at a much lower cost. Our team of professional journalists and graphic designers can make your products and services sing—and look good doing it.

VRWorldTech isn’t just a platform, it’s a partner. We’ll consult, share information and intelligence, identify trends, and amplify your messages.

VRWorldTech by the numbers

VRWorldTech.com receives 10k visitors per month—and that number is growing. Our rate of growth is phenomenal, with impressions increasing 200% in 2020.

Equally impressive is VRWorldTech Magazine. The digital publication started out as free-to-read and received, on average, 25k+ impressions and 1k+ reads per issue. Subscriptions are now flying off the shelves, demonstrating the enterprise market’s increasing appetite for immersive technology that delivers value and drives profits.

VRWorldTech’s social reach is also noteworthy as we aim to build a community of professional users, business leaders and developers that are pushing the progress of immersive technology further than it’s ever gone before.

You can find VRWorldTech on LinkedIn (3,000+ connections), Twitter (600+ followers) and Facebook (600+ likes). The quality of this network surpasses those of our competitors, because the majority of its members fit your target customer profile: business, professional, enterprise.

Get involved

Opportunities exist to advertise, write and demonstrate your expertise through VRWorldTech.com and VRWorldTech Magazine. Fill out the form below, outlining your aims and requirements, and a member of the VRWorldTech team will get in touch with you to discuss your needs in further detail.

Potential options on VRWorldTech.com include:

‣ Case studies: feature articles highlighting your product or service. Think of a product demo, but in written form.

‣ Thought leadership: an article bylined by one of your experts, demonstrating their expertise and your brand in a particular topic area

‣ Interviews: conducted with the VRWorldTech team. We handle everything, so you don’t have to

‣ Virtual panel discussions: participate in a virtual roundtable, chaired by VRWorldTech, and featuring likeminded experts. The discussion is written up and published.

‣ Advertising: adverts on the homepage or in the post sidebar, in a number of different sizes. These are a consistent presence and can link to a landing page of your choosing

‣ Weekly email newsletters: sponsor an email newsletter as the headline or feature an advert, regularly placing your brand in front of potential customers

Potential options on VRWorldTech Magazine include:

‣ Exclusive issue sponsor. This includes the lead front-cover story, a three-page editorial, a full-page advert, and 50 copies of the print issue and unlimited access to the digital edition

‣ Advertising in full-, half and quarter-page formats, with positions available throughout the magazine.

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