Meet the VRWorldTech editorial board, who will help to explore enterprise applications for immersive tech and demonstrate the potential of this new medium

VRWorldTech is dedicated to investigating enterprise applications for immersive technology and demonstrating the potential of this new medium to business leaders, as the world’s most innovative developers test the boundaries of what manufactured realities can really do.

The editorial board will shape coverage and provide an expert’s view on one or more areas of immersive technology. They share VRWorldTech’s belief that business leaders need to be shown the immediate potential of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, audio sensory experiences and other upcoming innovations within immersive technology, and will help to enhance this platform for the benefit of both immersive technology users and its developers, with a view to encouraging and facilitating many partnerships in the future.

Jan Pflueger, advisXR

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Editorial board - Jan Pflueger

Jan was an early adoptor of digital technologies for the creative area. The potential of VR was obvious for him, so he started exploring new interaction techniques and developed interaction devices for spatial environments in the field of research.

In 2012, Jan started his career at Audi as IT team leader of the VR team. His long-time passion for AR and VR led him to establish the Center of Competence AR&VR as a network hub for AR and VR, and a place to inspire and influence the XR activities within Audi AG.

With his private label, advisXR, Jan advises startups and fosters network activities to drive and deliver the future in the field of XR. In his mission for an open XR ecosystem, he establishes strategic partnerships and supports companies on their journey through the digital transformation.

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