HP Reverb G2 is coming in November News

HP Reverb G2 is coming in November

29 September 2020 1

The highly anticipated HP Reverb G2 finally has a release date—and HP hasn’t wasted any time since announcing the virtual reality headset in May, with…


Meet: VR Express

28 September 2020 0

Meet Bulgaria-based VR Express, the XR agency on a mission to showcase the revolutionary power of immersive storytelling

Meet - VRpatients 1 Meet

Meet: VRpatients

22 September 2020 0

Meet VRpatients, the US-based company immersing students in lifelike, stress-inducing clinical case scenarios where they interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real time VRpatients…


Meet: XpertVR

3 September 2020 0

Meet XpertVR, the Canada-based immersive technology company with the goal of bringing XR to the masses and giving people the ability to experience data Co-founders…

What is going on at Facebook News

What’s going on at Facebook?

26 August 2020 0

Facebook is continuing to make changes to its AR and VR operations with a broader use for the Facebook Reality Labs brand, following the controversial…

The Reality Wire - 21 August 2020 1 News

The Reality Wire: 21 August 2020

21 August 2020 0

In The Reality Wire this week, Volvo Group highlights AR Stories, Mercedes-Benz previews AR HUD, KT Corp develops VR entertainment service for airline, SimCentric trials…


Meet: Ultraleap

18 August 2020 0

Meet Ultraleap, the single brand formed after Ultrahaptics acquired Leap Motion in 2019 Jonny Codling, vice president of product at Ultraleap, describes how its technologies…


Meet: Virti

14 August 2020 0

Meet Virti, the company founded by trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Alexander Young that’s using XR, AI and gamification to help medical and other professionals…

The Reality Wire - 24 July 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 24 July 2020

24 July 2020 0

Ørsted’s marketing win, Iceland Venture Studio’s investment target, the Bank of Japan’s virtual tour and Unity’s latest update feature in The Reality Wire Ørsted aims…

Meet - TetaVi 6 Meet

Meet: TetaVi

13 July 2020 0

Meet Israel-headquartered TetaVi, the 22-strong pioneer perfecting volumetric capture for immersive media VRWT: What is the background of TetaVi? The founders of TetaVi, Dr Miky…


Meet: Modest Tree

7 July 2020 0

Modest Tree is the Canada-headquartered provider of immersive training and sales engagement solutions At 35 employees and a growing international presence, Laura Bohnert, director of…

Meet - Immertec Meet

Meet: Immertec

2 July 2020 1

By allowing surgeons to remotely train in real-time, US-based Immertec is dissolving the physical barriers that restrict the adoption of modern medical devices and procedures,…

The Reality Wire - 27 June 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 27 June 2020

27 June 2020 1

This is an immersive world. Here is a selection of the stories that you may have missed this week Featuring in The Reality Wire: University…

The Reality Wire - 13 June 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 13 June 2020

13 June 2020 0

This is an immersive world. Here are its latest stories Featuring in The Reality Wire: HTC Vive, Augmentir, InsiteVR, Circuit Stream and the VRARA HTC…

The Reality Wire - 6 June 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 6 June 2020

6 June 2020 0

This is an immersive world. Here are its latest stories Featuring in The Reality Wire: Bublar Group, Immerse, Travel World VR, UCLan and Shape Immersive…


VRARA Global Summit: five to rewatch

3 June 2020 0

From Lenovo’s new enterprise headset to supporting virtual simulation to supplement clinical experiences, here is a recap of some of the must-watch presentations and panels…

The Reality Wire - 30 May 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 30 May 2020

30 May 2020 1

This is an immersive world. Here are its latest stories AWE Online 2020 special. Featuring in The Reality Wire: Poplar, Looking Glass Factory, 8th Wall,…

Magic Leap CEO to step down AR news

Magic Leap CEO to step down

29 May 2020 1

Confirmation of an unspecified amount of new funding, key strategic enterprise partnerships are close, and chief executive officer Rony Abovitz is stepping down—it has been…

The Reality Wire - 22 May 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 22 May 2020

22 May 2020 0

This is an immersive world. Here are its latest stories Featuring in The Reality Wire: Future Visual, HoloCare, Innovate UK, KaviAR Tech and Sony Electronics…

The Reality Wire - 15 May 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 15 May 2020

15 May 2020 1

This is an immersive world. Here are its latest stories Featuring in The Reality Wire: Looking Glass Factory, Unity, Cemtrex, ViRvii and Emerge Looking Glass…

The Reality Wire: 8 May 2020 News

The Reality Wire: 8 May 2020

8 May 2020 0

This is an immersive world. Here are some of its latest stories Featuring in The Reality Wire: Adlens, Unity, SO REAL, Zappar, Virtualware, Mechatech and…

The Reality Wire - 1 May 2020 2 News

The Reality Wire: 1 May 2020

1 May 2020 0

This is an immersive world. Here are some of its latest stories. Featuring in The Reality Wire: Altoura, Ericsson, Carnegie Mellon University, Imeve, Oxford VR,…


Meet: VRMT

2 March 2020 0

VRMT (Virtual Reality Machine Training) was formed in 2018 to bring VR to the glass bottle manufacturing industry. Its unique software tool helps improve training…



19 February 2020 2

Munich-based CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC recreate human anatomy in 3D—inviting VR users and consumers of other media to take a journey through their own…

AR demos

Spotify arrives on Magic Leap One

19 November 2019 0

Magic Leap is developing the audio-sensory capabilities of its spatial computing platform for users and developers with the release of a Spotify app. Quick read…

Sandbox VR attracts Hollywood investors News

Sandbox VR attracts Hollywood investors

28 October 2019 0

Location-based entertainment operator Sandbox VR has received $11 million in funding from notable Silicon Valley investors and Hollywood stars, including Katy Perry and Will Smith.…


ImmersiveTouch agrees deal with Zimmer Biomet

24 October 2019 1

Chicago-headquartered ImmersiveTouch has agreed a co-marketing deal with Zimmer Biomet’s craniomaxillofacial business, marking a significant expansion of its virtual reality (VR) suite into the neurosurgery…

FYidoctors _ Visique launches eye care simulation lab at Université de Montréal News

FYidoctors backs VR lab

4 October 2019 0

Eye care company FYidoctors | Visique has launched a simulation lab in partnership with the School of Optometry at the Université de Montréal. Quick read…

AR demos

Meet: Simulanis

23 September 2019 0

Launched in November 2013, Simulanis is a leading immersive technology company in India Raman Talwar, chief executive officer and founder of Simulanis, explains how his…

Speakers confirmed for xRS Week 2019 News

xRS Week 2019 speakers revealed

17 September 2019 0

Experts from Microsoft, HP, Facebook, Sixense, HTC, Unity, Unreal, StriVR, Varjo, 42Gears, Pico, The VOID, Variety and WIRED are speaking at xRS Week 2019 in…


Meet: realworld one

9 September 2019 0

Freiburg im Breisgau-headquartered computer software startup realworld one provides a collaboration platform designed to build a community for manufacturers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and…

VRWorldTech Magazine coming in October News

VRWorldTech Magazine coming in October

3 September 2019 0

VRWoldTech, the platform dedicated to enterprise applications for immersive technology, is launching a new digital bimonthly magazine in October. The bimonthly magazine will contain product…


Meet: Mimerse

15 August 2019 0

Founded in 2014, Sweden-based Mimerse aims to create revolutionary automatic mental wellness applications using immersive technologies. The Mimerse VR platform hosts evidence-based apps that can…

AR news

XRA adds Microsoft as member

22 July 2019 1

Microsoft is the latest technology company to join the ranks of the XR Association (XRA) The Washington DC-based group of tech companies, which includes founding…


AETC embraces training in VR

4 July 2019 0

US Air Education and Training Command (AETC) is giving airfield management students a more hands-on learning experience with a new virtual reality (VR) training simulation.…


Varjo launches VR-1 reseller network

20 June 2019 0

VR-1 and XR-1 maker Varjo is stepping up sales of its human-eye resolution virtual reality (VR) headset with an official reseller network spanning several countries.…

NexTech launches ARitize University AR news

NexTech launches ARitize University

18 June 2019 0

Toronto-headquartered NexTech AR is moving into the enterprise education and training sector with ARitize University. The plug-and-play app, available to download via Google Play and…

SurgicalAR receives FDA approval AR news

SurgicalAR receives FDA approval

4 June 2019 0

Medical imaging company Medivis has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the use of its augmented reality (AR) technology platform, SurgicalAR, in…

Mimesys joins Magic Leap AR news

Mimesys joins Magic Leap

22 May 2019 0

Magic Leap has acquired spatial co-presence platform developer Mimsys for an undisclosed sum. The Mimesys platform, which enables real-time collaboration and communication using Magic Leap’s…

MedCognition to develop AR medicine training for US Army News

MedCognition wins US Army contract

13 May 2019 0

Texas-based startup MedCognition is working with Chenega Healthcare Services on a military medicine education and training initiative for the US Army. MedCognition will create military-relevant…

Luxion releases KeyVR for KeyShot News

Luxion releases KeyVR for KeyShot

10 May 2019 0

Luxion has released a new virtual reality (VR) product for its visualisation software, KeyShot. KeyVR allows designers to take a KeyShot scene and generate an…


Watch WorxAR in action

25 April 2019 0

WorxAR identifies vehicle parts and processes through a smartphone or tablet, talks users through repairs, provides in-depth information from manuals, and connects to suppliers online.


Experience SeeingVR from Microsoft

23 April 2019 0

Microsoft's SeeingVR set of 14 tools for Unity developers are designed to overcome the visual disabilities experienced by up to 217 million people worldwide when…