Meet: Ultraleap

18 August 2020 0

Meet Ultraleap, the single brand formed after Ultrahaptics acquired Leap Motion in 2019 Jonny Codling, vice president of product at Ultraleap, describes how its technologies…


Meet: Virti

14 August 2020 2

Meet Virti, the company founded by trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Alexander Young that’s using XR, AI and gamification to help medical and other professionals…

Meet - TetaVi 6 Meet

Meet: TetaVi

13 July 2020 0

Meet Israel-headquartered TetaVi, the 22-strong pioneer perfecting volumetric capture for immersive media VRWT: What is the background of TetaVi? The founders of TetaVi, Dr Miky…


Meet: Modest Tree

7 July 2020 0

Modest Tree is the Canada-headquartered provider of immersive training and sales engagement solutions At 35 employees and a growing international presence, Laura Bohnert, director of…

Meet - Immertec Meet

Meet: Immertec

2 July 2020 1

By allowing surgeons to remotely train in real-time, US-based Immertec is dissolving the physical barriers that restrict the adoption of modern medical devices and procedures,…


Meet: VRMT

2 March 2020 0

VRMT (Virtual Reality Machine Training) was formed in 2018 to bring VR to the glass bottle manufacturing industry. Its unique software tool helps improve training…