About VRWorldTech: the business of manufactured realities

VRWorldTech.com and VRWorldTech Magazine form the only market intelligence platform dedicated to the business of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, audio sensory experiences and other upcoming innovations within immersive technology.


Launched in 2018, VRWorldTech is the result of the publishers’ desire to bring business-to-business journalism to immersive technology.

VRWorldTech was founded by Jonathan Savage, an accomplished publishing specialist and gifted designer, and Mark Dugdale, a journalist, editor and writer who has a passion for emerging technology.

Jon and Mark have been friends and colleagues for almost two decades. Neither of them has a background in immersive technology, but they’ve been around niche financial and legal markets long enough to spot a trend when they see one.

They identified immersive technology as one such trend, capable as it was of enhancing communication and interaction, not to mention its potential applications across a wide range of industries.

What they saw when they considered immersive technology was an area at odds with itself—individual silos and pockets across different industries, but unable to coalesce, collaborate and cooperate. This is where VRWorldTech—and Jon and Mark’s concept of the business of manufactured realities—fits in.

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As immersive technology’s most reliable and informed market intelligence platform, VRWorldTech educates business leaders and professionals about the potential of XR, and champions the work of immersive tech developers, startups and incumbents so that they can acquire customers, secure funding and thrive in an increasingly competitive space.

Through interviews, product previews and reviews, conference reporting and videos, this immersive tech market intelligence platform is free-to-read, entirely digital and the perfect place to ​explore innovative virtual worlds and experiences, for whatever the enterprise application.

Opportunities exist to advertise and demonstrate your expertise through VRWorldTech.com, and through the digital magazine.

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VRWorldTech Magazine is the only publication dedicated to immersive technology and enterprise. The quarterly digital magazine is published on Issuu and features The Reality Wire, a space highlighting the latest press releases and announcements from across the globe, exclusive interviews with new and emerging immersive tech companies, a long-read sector focus demonstrating the latest XR options for business leaders, and insight and commentary from the VRWorldTech editorial board.

1: Location-based entertainment
4: Automotive
2: Healthcare
3: Retail

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