Inside Issue 12

Live from the Metaverse: 2022 predictions

The Reality Wire: VR training

Showcase: AR authoring

Meet: Using immersive tech to make audiences wiser

Issue 12: In brief

Issue 12: In depth

Live from the Metaverse

The foundation is almost set

The Metaverse is becoming big business—these are the headlines from its current movers and shakers

2022 predictions

Four experts offer their insight into what the next 12 months will look like for the Metaverse, VR and AR, and more

The Reality Wire

Exclusive thought leadership articles focused on VR training. Featuring Bodyswaps, Osso VR, Virti and VRgineers

The story behind Osso VR’s mission to transform surgical training

Justin Barad MD, Osso VR

How to use XR to onboard and train your remote team

Dr Alex Young, Virti

Three tips from educators on making VR for learning work

Chris Mallet, Bodyswaps

VR: The new pilot training paradigm

Marek Polcak, Vrgineers


Knowledge is power

Taqtile is focused on deskless workers and its flagship platform, Manifest, is an AR work instruction tool that provides the means to both acquire and transfer knowledge effectively

Developer Spotlight

Meet Elysian Studios

Based in India, this is an impressive developer using immersive technologies to make audiences wiser