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VRWorldTech Magazine is published six times a year, as a digital publication on Issuu and in print.

Shining a light on enterprise applications of immersive technology

Each issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on a specific industry or sector, analysing the ways in which virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as other immersive technologies, are deployed in enterprise settings.

Previous issues of VRWorldTech Magazine focused on location-based entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive, and military and defence.

VRWorldTech Magazine also features The Reality Wire, a round-up of the latest press releases from prominent and emerging developers, as well as the Meet feature, an in-depth conversation with an up-and-coming developer working in the enterprise market.

2021 editorial calendar

With a bimonthly release schedule, VRWorldTech Magazine will cover a range of industries and sectors in 2021. Each issue’s deadlines are below, along with their publication dates.

IssueDeadlinePublication dateFocus

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