The second issue of VRWorldTech Magazine, the only publication dedicated to immersive technology and enterprise, focuses on healthcare, and checks in with BODYSWAPS, Danos, Jaguar Land Rover, Viarama and the Vegas Golden Knights

Live long and prosper

Immersive technology has emerged as a serious contender for most compelling medtech—and deliverable solution for healthcare providers and medical issues. In the past month alone, Mojo Vision has positioned its smart contact lens as a medical device for the visually impaired, Embodied Labs has stepped up development of its VR caregiver training platform, Pear Therapeutics and Proprio have strengthened their hands in delivering immersive services to patients and medical professionals, and Nunaps has secured funding for its digital therapeutics platform. All of these developers and solutions are designed to solve complex problems, using VR and AR in the hospital as well as the home.

In this issue of VRWorldTech Magazine, we speak to leaders and experts from Oxford Medical Simulation, AppliedVR, Oxford VR, XRHealth and Precision OS to check the pulse of immersive tech development in healthcare, and we aren’t disappointed. Our focus is on training and digital therapeutics and how VR and AR are already delivering proven treatments and developing seasoned and novice medical professionals efficiently and effectively. Also in this issue, Dr Kimberly Hieftje of play4REAL XR Lab at Yale provides an update on Invite Only VR, a vaping prevention game for young teens. Suffice to say, healthcare will be a topic that we revisit in future issues.

We also check in with BODYSWAPS, Danos, Jaguar Land Rover, Viarama and the Vegas Golden Knights to find out how their latest partnerships, product releases and deployments are progressing, what they’ve achieved, and what these brands and developers have in store this year and the next.

Inside VRWorldTech Magazine: Issue 2


BODYWAPS: The sweet spot for soft skills

Traditional training is too expensive to scale, while e-learning lacks the core components necessary for behavioural change. Thankfully, VR is just right


Jaguar Land Rover: Personalised passenger experience

Research into a new immersive heads-up display could lead to ‘smart cabins’ in which vehicle passengers can select their own content and information

Social enterprise

Viarama: A force for good

From assisting with the education of young people to providing experiences for the elderly and helping to treat conditions such as anxiety, VR can bring joy to those who most need it

Oil and gas

Danos: The workforce of tomorrow

The new VR competency assessment and training programme at Danos is helping the oilfield service provider develop its employees in ways it hasn’t before


Vegas Golden Knights: Skates on

Casual fans and serious athletes alike are able to improve their hockey games in the Vegas Golden Knights’s VR training platform


Oxford Medical Simulation, AppliedVR Oxford VR, XRHealth and Precision OS: Informed immersion

Immersive technology is making significant strides in training for medical professionals and as a treatment in health and wellness


Play4REAL XR Lab: Ahead of the game

Dr Kimberly Hieftje on how XR can deliver health education in schools 


Meet: Mechdyne

Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne Corporation designs and delivers turnkey, large scale 3D/virtual reality solutions