Issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on headsets and smart glasses and features HTC Vive, XRSPACE, ThirdEye Gen and the XR Association, as well as The Reality Wire and the Meet profile

Issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine seeks to provide answers to an important question plaguing enterprise adoption of virtual, augmented and mixed reality: what are these immersive technologies really for?

Focusing on headsets and smart glasses, issue 7 of the only magazine dedicated to immersive technology for enterprise addresses concerns about time, money and resources, not to mention a shifting reputation that varies between fad, indulgence, and “for gamers”.

Headsets and smart glasses are good places to start in answering the question about their purpose, because they are (pun intended) ‘the face’ of immersive technology. They get the headlines and are responsible for deep intakes of breath and shocked enquiries of “how much?” upon launch.

Through exclusive interviews and sneak peeks, issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine considers the rise of entire virtual reality ecosystems, the search for hand tracking in pursuit of a dream and the defining use case of augmented and mixed reality.

Readers will take away an overarching answer to the question posed above, as well as important insights into how accessibility is being boosted by hardware and software developers alike, and what is being done to make adoption of these technologies more palatable to in-house IT departments.

Inside issue 7

The Reality Wire

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - The Reality Wire
A round up of the biggest hardware stories tracked over the past two months. Have a story to tell? Submit it now: This issue features Make Real, Infinadeck, Epson, Nreal, Varjo and HaptX

Editor’s Comment

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - Editor's comment
What virtual, augmented and mixed reality are really for, is everyone

HTC Vive

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - HTC Vive
What comes first, the hardware or the software? At HTC Vive, the answer is neither, the customer does


VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - XRSPACE
Redefining how people connect, socialise, and collaborate requires not only simplifying the hardware and user experience, but understanding that they need to be, as XRSPACE demonstrates

ThirdEye Gen

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - ThirdEye Gen
The X2 Mixed Reality Glasses from ThirdEye Gen are augmented and mixed reality equivalents of rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business

XR Association

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - XRA
Hardware is becoming smaller, more powerful and affordable, but the XR community needs to ensure that accessibility is baked in from the start

Meet: NuEyes

VRWorldTech Magazine - Issue 7 - NuEyes
NuEyes is well known for its excellent work on technology to address low vision. But now, it’s expanding to serve a range of enterprise and consumer use cases, too